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A brief web specific history of the webauthor:
> 1993 - First web pages went online.
> Circa 1995 - Graphics / HTML for the first Surfrider Foundation Website - Virginia Chapter.
> Circa 1995 - In association with Saltaire Communications: Graphics / HTML for first Wave Riding Vehicles Website.
> 1997 - registered as a domain.
> 2005 - A+ Hardware and Software completed at Front Range Community College in Longmont, Colorado.
....................As a result of the A+ courses, building a computer is fun.
> 2008 - registered as a domain.
> 2011 - I am writing a science fiction film treatment.

In the early-mid 90's everyone did their searching on Infoseek and Altavista.
I only passively thought about how search engines actually worked.
The substance of evolved,
and I became curious about the technicalities of search engines
and what it takes to "get their attention", so to speak.
It just seemed like an obvious thing to want to know.
Know this: There is really only one search engine on which to focus...Google.
In December 2012, Google had 114.7 billion searches, a 65.2% share of Earth's traffic.

The "secrets" of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...
it's facts, it's nuances... became an object of academic pursuit.

My mission now is to give you a sincere view of what SEO is,
and what it actually does for a website.

"Search Engine Friendly" is the descriptive used for web pages
that cater to the functions of a search engine.

The purpose for all this? position your site at the TOP of the FIRST PAGE of a google search.
You will be impressed at the increase in traffic
resulting from a very high placing in a Google search list.

It's always exciting to watch your page advance, from being either non-existent or many pages back,
to the top / near top of the first page in the search list.

Google has 65 or so % of traffic on Earth, so they are a primary consideration.
Facebook and Youtube take second & third place for traffic.
I think the sound of the word "google" is pleasing, and sort of fun to say.
GoOgle will remain the premier search engine for quite a while.
....IF they can stay out of trouble!
You'll hear "gOogle" used in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Independent screenwriting.'s part of our culture ...for the time being, anyway.

Effective SEO is an ongoing process, and a discipline.
A great "search list position" requires maintenance.
It involves much more than one would think, both within page code, and OFF page.
It also takes won't appear at the top of searches instantly.
In many cases, results show within 24 hours.
SEO is satisfying and fun for those who learn it's many facets.
As a client, you will check search results for yourself!
I am confident in my ability at SEO...and I'm sure you'll be happy!

Business: Prices negotiable, of course...
One time overhaul: $Whatever! Let's talk!

SPECIAL PRICING for Aspiring Internet Journalists and the Academic / Educational Community:
(shameless self promotion)

eMail to chat! SEO is my specialty.

A quick rant about computers in gradeschool:
The lack of computers in grades K-12 has always been an issue that irks me.
There is a lack of interest in teaching kids of all ages how to create simple web pages.
Not to mention how POWERFUL the printed word is.
Every seat in every class should have a educator can rule with an iron fist on a classroom network.
I don't think this level of academia is interested in classroom networks or internet journalism.
I think this is quite sad.


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