Thanks to our Kidling Weapons Specialists:
Austin, Lily, Bethany, & Noah!
This webauthor stopped watching network or cable TV circa 1988.

Depiction of violence and criminal behavior in the entertainment media may affect the young mind. It may be a major factor in origins of the criminal instinct.

The Broadcast TV monitor cannot be left unattended in the family environment.
The everpresence of the TV in the home is why this is a concern.

The TV breeds FAMILIARITY with violent behavior....does it affect everyone? Of course not...but it does affect a few.
Just a quick note about guns:
Simple fact: GUNS are FUN!
Another simple fact: humans are defensive, ignorant, and violent.

In this modern society,
violent acts may be a manifestation
of exposure to TV violence from infancy.

Animal abuse at a young age is a BIG RED FLAG!

The moving image is the most impressive artform on Earth.The TV is a childs FIRST and the MOST ENDURING exposure to the moving image.
Sit down with a stopwatch and systematically go through all the channels on your TV tuner, timing how long it takes for illegal behavior, guns, violence, or DIALOGUE containing ANY implication therein, appears. Skip over shows which you know are safe. Pay attention to news, soaps, cartoons, comedy, etc.

COMEDY/CARTOON violence is more significant than you may suspect.

Any aggressive dialogue you encounter in the writing counts as the prelude to violence. Watch for guns and listen for unhappy or criminal conversations. Note the popularity and number of TV presentations with story lines pertaining to coroners, law enforcement officers, and attorneys. Document as best you can (cable provider - channel number - time interval in seconds between appearances of guns/violent acts/criminal conversations AND IMPLICATIONS).

E-Mail results to Elected Officials.


Consistent exposure of guns/violence/poor vocabulary to the young mind DOES affect mannerisms/personality development.
By sending a printout or handwritten record of your data to elected officials accompanied by a printout of this WebPage, you will have illustrated that television violence does indeed influence our youth.
There is a universe of great subjects for writers to embrace as content for TV shows...check out their choices.

The TV has established a profound and enduring presence in our homes.

Think about the INTERACTIVE element
in certain violent VIDEO games.


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