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Ronnie Mellott Facebook Page

Ron's epic Quasimoto
Ronnie Mellott is a truly colorful part of Va. Beach surfing history.

The best documentary on life in Virginia, Virginia Currents,
has a GREAT documentary on Ronnie, Rocket, and Marty.
If you would like the video,
it's program number 930.

Ron has won his division
of the ECSC so many times...
he can't remember how many...and all the trophies seem to have vanished
...but no matter...his work area
is filled with memorabilia.

One of my favorite memories of Ron...he had EPIC dogs through the years.
Every one of his dogs would automatically ravage beach blankets....covering everyone with sand.
Screaming grrrls, yelling and total was great!
Were the dogs trained to do this...? whooOOoo knows.

Amy E. Fisher, Steel Pier / 17th St. Surf Shop staff / Surfergrrrl reminisces:
"He used to throw rocks for one of his Shepherds who would catch it in his mouth...
......he also shared his ice cream lick for lick with the dog.
...very gross and very funny....he knew how to make people laugh." note: I personally remember Rocket catching a favorite bowling ball....whattadawg.....

Zilla and Ron
Right Click this text to SAVE this movie (.mov) of Ron and Zilla.

Ron & Co.


Ronnie Mellott Custom Surfboards


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