Jim, Bob White, Fleet, and the guy on the end looks really familiar!

Day of the Shark by Jim Martinette

Here's a link to the Surfline Camera at Sandbridge:

Here's a link to an entertaining (when it's big, very dangerous, & crowded), LIVE panning cam at Ehukai Beach Park/Pipeline:

LIVE panning cam at Waimea:

LIVE cam at Turtle Bay, North Shore, Oahu:

O'hana Diamond Head to Waikiki Cam:

Fun in the crowd Waikiki Cam.

<> Butch Maloney was the first guy from the East Coast to ride Waimea Bay.
He was even before Florida's Dick Catri.

<> Herb West is the athletic director at the Jewish Community Center.

Butch Maloney (ex-Butch's Surf Shop) and Mike Cannon (ex-owner of the Shack) are/were good friends of mine.
Mike retired and moved to Nosara, C.R. some ten or more years ago.
I used to keep a board at Mike's house in C.R. so I didn't have to pay to bring one on the plane.
Butch and Mike were best friends. Sort of an "Odd Couple" of surfing.
Mike was in a motor bike accident last year. He had hip surgery in San Jose after the accident.
They told him to take it easy for a few weeks after surgery. He didn't follow instructions
and consequently developed a blood clot and died within about a week after surgery.
He was cremated in San Jose and his remains brought back here to the beach.
Butch had the responsibility of spreading his ashes on the ocean,
so we planned this big party and rented a head boat to take Mike to his final resting place in the deep blue.
As it turns out it was too rough to take the boat out and accomplish our given task...
so we just stayed in port, had the party and put Mike's remains back in Butch's truck.
'Bout three weeks ago Butch calls me and tells me that Mike's ashes are still in his truck..."what the F@$K."
Butch says "yeah, the only person to get more rides in my truck than Cannon was Peanut Man my dog."
I said, "Butch, you need to bury the poor guy." Butch agreed and said he was going to do something soon.
Last week Butch called me and asked if I went surfing that day.
I said 'yes' and Butch said 'yeah so did Cannon.'
He said, "do you remember that Cannon wouldn't go left...or couldn't go left?
WELLLL, he went left today and when he did I gave him the ol' heave ho. He's now officially buried."
Don't feel bad about laughing. I laughed my ass off. They were the odd couple to the very end.
I think I'll sign up to be one of Butch's pallbearers.

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