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The following tunes are years old and outdated.... guitar had no bi-directional tremelo bar:

<> kaatlon

<> mosasaur

<> brain scan

<> time dilation...say goodbye

<> blue shift

<> 5 minute barrell

<> canes venatici

<> microgravity vacation

<> eridanus

<> blue shift 2

Phan.Aeon's primitive conjurations are available for film / video, this text for contact.
The music was originally created to score surfing video.
It is imperitive it be heard through a thundering sound system.

The music I enjoy most?
Scoring film is Earth's grandest showcase for a composer.
Here's a cross section of the elite.....the folks that give a story it's personality....'s heart and amazing bunch of artists:
Danny Elfman, Trevor Jones, Alan Silvestri, James Newton Howard, Howard Shore,
James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Nicholas Hooper,
Bruno Coulais, Rachel Portman, Steve Jablonsky, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Williams
...not to mention:
Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori, John Debney, Thomas Newman, Trevor Rabin, Michael Giacchino.

Guitar name: "Gator Gal / Phanny".................................................................... ...... ..

Hunter S. Thompson quote

More recent Phan.Aeon Scored Video on YouTube:

View OLD Phan.Aeon scored video at these You Tube pages:
<> Safe Driving in the Phanerozoic Eon
<> just a little surfn'
<> Hawaii Sequence 2
<> A Lil' More Surfn', etc. Ver. 2
<> Hawaii Sequence 4 Ver. 2
<> Oahu, etc.


Phan.Aeon Reviews

REAL Comments on Phan.Aeon from
Compiled 12.26.2012
Wow! Very nice escape from everything kinda music! love it very much,
great respect XoXoX -LB-
Lizzy Blonde - Electronica Artist - Hampton, Va.
Your music is otherworldly -- it has a depth and richness that stands out.
Thanks for the add and happy holidays!
TIW Music - Pop Artist - Chicago, Illinois
Your music is "other" worldly. Sounds very original and lush. Great tracks.
John Rowell - Electronica Artist - Leesburg, Fla.
Going through your songs now, great instrumental work, wish I had the patients to do this.
Me Likely, Linked, Fanned, Loved, Billy The Train Robber
H2onE2 - Rock Artist - Baltimore, Md.
Kelly Deaver - Christian/Gospel Artist - Hampstead, MD.
Wow, this is film worthy! epic, thank you for being a fan!
Carrie Katz - Indie/Folk Artist - Montreal, Quebec City, Canada
Brilliantly trippy and cinematic soundscapes you're making here.... the textures and layering you can get from those guitars...
...and it really hits the mark with "super slinky"...fantastic musical imagination!
Mike White Presents - House/Electronica/Dance Artist - London, England
Great tracks, loads of reverb give it an edge.
Ice Pulse - Alternative/Electronica Artist - St. Helens, UK
Wow... These pieces sure do take me away! I like it. Nice mix.
Bruce Wayne Robinson - Indie/Alternative Artist - Santa Rosa, Calif.
Wow... I'm reading my daily CNN news and your music is the perfect soundtrack for it!!
Thank you :)
Joyless - Electronica Artist - Singapore, SG
Thanks for the support! BTW, eXodus is an excellent instrumental, the trippy structure,
sound and vibe is amazing!..Have a great 2013!....Pete
Pete - Rock / Heavy Metal / Classic Rock Artist - Daly City, Calif.
Amazing. Totally vibed out on your first track. Listening to them all!
Space Voodoo - Ambient / Downtempo / Chill Out Artist - Webster, Texas

Xu Yeung (China) :
"This is metalhead brain degenerative ratnoise and something needs to be done about it."

Debbie Miller (Virginia) :

"Way over my head...
I'm still a Beach Boys fan with some ZZ Top thrown in."

Harlan Pickard (Florida) :
"You rock! I am stll trying to win the Florida lottery so I can buy"
NOTE: Harlan helped in filming the first version of the driver training project.

Moose Svengaard (Reindeer Erection Music Magazine - Amsterdam) :
"Quite simply, the heaviest, sweetest, non-linear rock-metal ever....period."

Lucy Stanley Norden (Virginia) :
"I like it..."

Alma Mae Watson (Mississippi) :
"I think this would make the folks in my church congregation dizzy and nauseous."

Les Brinkley (Clip & Dip All Dog & Cat Grooming - Hawaii) :
"I thought my ears were going to fall off."

Daisuke Harada (Japan's "Red Ear" Magazine) :

Styopa Rozhdestvensky (Moscow's "Zdrasvooie" Magazine) :
"Would someone encourage this pipsqueak to take a music or guitar lesson?
This is intolerable."

Achintya Poojari (India's "Elephant's Tail" Magazine) :
"A dizzying maelstrom that, from time to time, resembles music."

Elaine Epstein (Florida) :
" you're all ready to do bar mitzvahs and weddings."

Irene Madej (Colorado) :
"Reminds me of those little mushroom trips."
NOTE: Irene lives in Morrison, Colorado.
This area is the "type locality" of the famous Morrison Formation - Dinosaur Ridge!
The formation was first discovered there in 1877.
It ranges from 156.3 2 million years old at its base, to 146.8 1 million years old at the top.
Visit the Morrison Natural History Museum.
Read about the baby Stegosaurus tracks found at Morrison.

Meredith Hutchinson (Colorado) :

Burton M. Lubitz (vicinity of Canes Venatici) :
"I've been listening to rock & roll music for over half century.
This is my personal favorite modern day surfing music."
The first generation of Phan.Aeon music is still on You Tube, and is outdated.
Most current music:
Phan.Aeon at

Rock Your Brains Out, Earthlings

Jim Morrison





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