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"Dogs & cAts like harnesses...we can pull against them as hard as we want, and it doesn't choke us....
We dogs think any human that doesn't use a harness is NOT in touch with us, and is a goOn."

a Will Rogers Quote

Tail Docking - How would you like having your tail cut off?


Buck relaxing - Sunset Beach

You've made the commitment to adding an animal to your family.

Rasta, Rasta's tongue, and Coco...


Pet/Dog choice:


-Aggressive breeds
(doberman, pit bull, shar pei, sheppard, rottweiler, etc.)
Any of these in your dog's ancestry?

-Exotic pets
(reptiles, large cats, etc.)

If you want to live with an iguana, move to the Galopagos.

"The Elephant in the Living Room" (2010)- Do NOT miss this very sad documentary about idiots who own exotic animals...a noble gentleman who is doing his best to help.

Dog / human behavior:

Most humans are not in touch with the animal spirit (a Native American trait).

Many have pets and care for them to some degree, but are not really in touch with animals.

Click to read facts about the underlying animal in your dog from Arizona Dog Training.

Do you have hands on contact frequently?

Do you watch your dog watching you?

Does your dog watch TV?
I just had to ask that...

Do you use a COLLAR or a HARNESS on your dog?

How do you think it feels to have a collar around your neck yanked?

Do you leave your pet outside on a cold winter night?

Are you good at making sounds that are pleasing to your dog?

Can you emit a realistic bark?

Make the sound while inhaling.

Can you sense an animal's instinct for aggression?

Pet choice is a reflection of human personality traits/characteristics.

An awareness of the "animal spirit" is necessary to make good educated guesses about any animal.

In choosing a pet, can you sense how a particular animal will behave around other humans?

If knowledge of animal behavior is not instinctive, do NOT get a pet.

Do you take your Pit Bull, Doberman, etc. (or ANY remote hybrid of these), into public places?



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