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Physical Activity and Health - A Report of the Surgeon General

Greetings to oinking, bi-pedal inhabitants of Earth....Do you need an athletic director/drill sergeant/personal trainer to help you get/stay fit, or lose that extra 130 lbs?

Your discipline, and your ability at behavior modification will show on the scale! Discipline with daily caloric intake is the key, and exercising speeds up the entire process. Ask a cardiologist for a copy of a standard cardiac diet, and if he behaves as I would suspect, he'll try to get you to pay for an office visit. Anyway, forget about dairy products...eating cheese is like eating pure pig fat. It goes right to your coronary arteries.

This is simple....Stick to PLANTS for the major volume of your diet.......It may help to compare the design of your teeth to the choppers of carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores in the animal kingdom. Herbivores - flat teeth....carnivores - sharp. Humans have sort of sharp ones in front, and flat ones in rear. We'll eat anything in sight. Click this text to read the series of Frontline (PBS) articles on meAt.

If you are impatient and need to lose weight as QUICKLY/SAFELY as possible - simply become a herbivore during this period of weight loss AND begin the exercise routine described in the following paragraphs.

A routine maintenance dose of exercise is the goal. Find yourself a flight of 15 or so stairs - preferably outside at a high school or college stadium near your home - Up and down - VERY SLOWLY - for a set of 2, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50 ascents and descents - A set of 3 is a good starting point - you can build up to 30-50+ per set in the coming months.

Below is the stadium I used to use for aerobic workouts.
The Twin Peaks, Longs Peak (14,259') & Mount Meeker (13,865') are in the background.
Can you imagine having a sports team named "Trojans"?

NOTE: NO longer live in Colorado...now in the land of the endless summer, Oahu USA.
Pinon Ridge in Fraser, Colorado
Arrows mark bottom and top turning points.
At this point I'm at 50 max for top section.
The smaller photo shows the incline at the lower turning point (telephone pole).
I would guess the average gradient is about 20 or so degrees.

If you choose, as I do, to use an incline for your aerobics,
you must set a comfortable number of ascents to begin, even if it is just one!
Pick points on the hill (or stadium) to turn....set a comfortable distance apart.

Keep THIS in mind...once you begin a set of ascents (and descents).....
Do NOT stop until you COMPLETE the SET!!!
Go as slow as necessary to complete the number of "ups & downs".
Whatever number defines a "set" for YOU.... is very individualized.
REST after each set.....depending on the gradient, a set of 1 or 2 can be perfect for a beginner.
You should NOT be out of breath when you stop...if you are....you're going too fast....
if you're doing a set of 5...go back to 1, 2, or 3 per set...
DO NOT allow yourself to start "panting"....go very SLOWLY and EASILY!
You can always experiment with stepping faster LATER when your body becomes accustomed to this activity.
The primary thing to remember about "aerobic" exercise is:
You must NOT get "out of breath"....you MUST breathe at the same rate you are stepping.
Go as slow as necessary to accomplish this!
....and THINK about your breathing as you step!

Step on your toes to work the calf - heels to work the thigh - and on arch (middle) of foot to balance.
...change back and forth as needed.
Lifting your body weight with each step, outside under blue sky and sunshine,
is much better than any step simulator....in a rapid weight loss program,
this should be done every other day.

Sip fluids while exercising. I always set a bottle of H20 on one of the steps near my path, and grab it from time to time.
You should be going slow enough to do this comfortably.
Here is an advantage of exercising outside....you don't need manners when you clear your airways.
Cough & spit...be an animal...the cilia in your airways will bring mucous up...gross?....sorry.....science rules.

Take yourself back to primitive H. Sapiens - roughly 80-100,000 or so years ago - You either RAN or were eaten/starved to death.
GeT PriMitive - Are you capable of making animal sounds? Your version of growling may help.

Just like the old Nike ad campaign....
If you think about exercise - you will always make excuses.
DO NOT THINK...just DO it.

THIS is HOW you STAY ahead of your own metabolism.
Compulsive exercise in moderation WILL boost your immune system.
"Colds" and "infections" will be more short lived. You'll see....

For me, exercising just for the sake of exercise is a bit empty....
Do what is necessary to "trick yourself" into exercising.
Always consider yourself in training for your athletic passions....don't have any passions / discipline?
Get some, or fake it!

Most folks had a bicycle as a child, and haven't been on one for 40 yrs!...so ...GO GET A BIKE!!!
It's an ideal solitary way to exercise....or
....it's great family activity....
or... as part of a romance related pattern of behavior...(mating display).
I love bicycles.

...and, speaking of mating displays, I must say....there's NOTHING like SURFING....

One last note: Weight training for strength and vanity. That's all folks.


Thanks for visiting and the best to you in your pursuit of fitness and good health!


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