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We'll miss you, Jack...we're looking up!

Enjoy the Journey.....begin at 14 billion....then zoom in:
An Atlas of the Universe

Your current speed is 186,282 miles/sec.
That's about 670,000,000 miles per hour.

It takes you 1 second to circumnavigate the Earth 7 times.

You are 8.3 light minutes from the Sun.

You are 4.24 light years from the nearest star (other than our sun) - Proxima Centauri.

A Light Year is roughly 6 trillion miles.

You are about 30,000 Light Years from the center of your galaxy.
You live in an average size galaxy...roughly 100,000-120,000 Light Years in diameter.

Your neighbor spiral galaxy, m31 (Andromeda), is about 2.5 million lt. yrs. distant.

Here is a bit of history on lightspeed research:

Olaf Roemer made the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light.

Albert Abraham Michelson

Carl Sagan - Time Travel / LightSpeed

Approximate Time - Distance Reference:


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