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Tennyson Quote from Locksley Hall

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...some worlds do not survive this technological adolescence.

The purpose of the Council:

To create an awareness of both Geologic and Astronomic Time in young minds.

Along with the imagination, this awareness is essential in having a healthy and realistic perspective of this great expanse of time.

Living in awareness of the Geologic / Astronomic Timescales will help inhabitants of Earth appreciate a brief 6 - 10 decade long lifespan.
The paragraphs that follow attempt to bring to light our society's challenges relative to astronomic / geologic time.

Fossil fragments of Sahelanthropus Tchadensis date hominids at about 7 million years.
This was very close to the point in evolution when we separated from the apes....or did we?
Perhaps the predecessors of H.Sapiens have been around as long, or longer than the apes.
and the two NEVER were in the same species....the skeletons would be almost identical with slight differences in cranial volume.
In this life-long thought experiment, I am inclined to think this may be true.

How can one NOT wonder
what life will be like 1.25 million years from now?!?
Imagine the LEVEL OF POLLUTANTS if this continues as is.
After that amount of time, how do you think we'll look?....and behave?
Use your imagination....will the inevitable mutations be horrific?

At Fort Monroe, Virginia, I visited the room in which Jefferson Davis
was imprisoned at the end of the Civil War (1865).
Being 5'9", I actually had to duck to get in the doorway...H.Sapiens is getting taller

Electric Car Industry Related:
Ford Focus Electric, Chevy Volt, Tesla Motors, etc.
Possibly our next president will draw attention to the "re-invention of the auto industry".

Know this:
At the turn of the century......MOST of the cars on the road were ELECTRIC.
Do NOT miss Chris Paine's "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (2006)

"Hybrid" technology will pass...humans change one slow step at at time.

As logic dictates, evolution of battery longevity for pure electric vehicles, is in progress.

Here's a You Tube Video on Stanford R. Ovshinsky

A word about your energy choices

Natural gas is one of the prevalent fuels...

From time to time on this particular planet,
the news media reports "explosions" in homes and businesses.

A highly explosive gas is NOT a good choice for energy.
People will buy whatever is marketed or presented to them.

Most people are removed from basic laws of science.

A few notes on "Hydraulic Fracturing",
a subterranean process associated with the natural gas industry.
This is alarming, folks.
Ground water, and drinking water are contaminated
with both the numerous chemicals used for fracturing,
and natural gas itself.....there are SYMPTOMS GALORE in affected humans!
heLLo...anyone home?
There are many thousands of Erin Brockovich level suits
waiting to be uncovered
I personally think natural gas is an ignorant, dangerous energy source.

Movie recommendation:
Gasland at imdb.com
Josh Fox's "GASLAND" (2010)

View a concise timeline

Know the importance of lawmakers and their understanding (or lack of understanding) of the Sciences in the stewardship of Earth.

The fact there are NO people of Science in office will be reflected in our future society.

Read a quick review of Al Gore's
"An Inconvenient Truth".

Examples of the clash between science and politics:

Ever catch a fish with lesions?
Read about Nitrates and their effect on humans and our environment.

Imagine the chemistry/condition of Earth's oceans in just another century.


Society's most frequent contact with "people of science" involves medical doctors.

MDs / Attorneys are individuals who, at one time, had the academic
discipline to graduate from medical / law school and pass the necessary examinations.
Does this mean that they will be good at their jobs?

My conversations with attorneys are shallow & brief.
They become defensive when I talk science.
Most are not well versed in the sciences.
Currently, according to the Congressional Research Service,
170 members of the House and 58 Senators have law degrees.
The 109th Congress included 228 members who hold law degrees
and 217 members whose former occupation was in law.

I've worked elbow to elbow with hundreds of MDs through the years.
They are easier for me to communicate with
due to the underlying science in their profession.

If an event has occurred in a medical facility...it's likely I've seen it.
Any questions about anything related to health care....eeeeMail me.
I'll give a brutally honest answer....

I once worked for a week (they didn't like me) with a gastroenterology bunch.
It was a colonoscopy assembly line at about $2500 a pop.
Just in the week I was there, I observed a dosing problem with Versed
for folks with less than average body weight. A couple of the patients took wAy too long to come out of it.
A standard initial dose of Versed was given to all....regardless of body weight....fat body / thin body...didn't matter.
If I remember correctly, they crammed in up to 20 or so procedures a day.
Ever have a colonoscopy?
The "prep" is delightful....I can go on and on with medical community stories/opinions.

A few thoughts on Prescription Drugs:

My concern.... media campaigns for medications.
The term "depression" reaches out to a broad audience.
I am especially alarmed by drugs used in the psychiatric branch of medicine,
and the fact they are given to such young people.psychiatric
In California, in addition to MDs,
psychologists also have the authority to prescribe these chemicals.

Hollywood addressed the "mental illness drug" issue in the film Don Juan DeMarco,
a colorful tale with an important message.

Terms such as "chemical imbalance" are particularly annoying.

Psychiatry is the least understood branch of medicine.
We have barely begun to map the physiology of the brain....and how it does what it does.
What actually takes place in the brain when we have a certain emotion or thought?
We have centuries more of research to become effective in the treatment of
what we call "mental illness". This branch of study is also known as "behavioral" medicene.

The test fields for medications is much too small and the length of the trial inadequate to allow
most of these chemicals into the "market". Medical research is a slowly evolving process.
I find substances approved by the FDA to be "quick fixes" fueled by greed.
A year or two of testing a drug on a few thousand humans
is profoundly inadequate and dangerous.

MDs will largely prescribe whatever is marketed to them. Most humans will follow an MD's advice.
I've had many breakfasts, lunches & dinners funded by drug companies.
The pharmaceutical companies love to wine & dine the MDs & RNs.

Patents for drugs expire. Attorneys extend the patent to keep other companies from manufacturing the less expensive generic drugs.
This is a practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

Just a few links to info. on Meds:

ClinicalTrials.gov currently contains 107,675 trials
with locations in 174 countries.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices
Dialogue on "New Meds"
Developments in California
CBS article on TV Drug Ads

Ask your MD if she/he has taken what they prescribed for you (just to see what it feels like)....
prepare yourself for an entertaining / amusing answer such as: "Well, I'm not depressed",
"I'm not in pain", or "I don't have erectile dysfunction".

Does the prescribed drug require an accepted "blood level"
of the chemical to become evident in lab values for the drug to "work"?

Being "busy", your doctor WILL probably neglect to ask what other medications
have been prescribed for you for whatever reasons by other MDs.
These chemicals can adversely interact with each other.

Tragic Comedy of the "Drug War" - Vol. 1
Please be aware - ADULT language in above video!

An illustration of the influence marketing has on our society is the subject of the film "The Corporation".

Backyard pollution sensors - FROGS!

The Council is concerned about frequency of deformity and carcinoma (cancer) in H. Sapiens. Could it be that we are wallowing in our own waste? The answer is YES.

Other members of Kingdom Animalia are telling the story.

FROGS are "pollution barometers" for your backyards, and for all heavily populated areas. Deformities are evidence of chemicals and pollutants saturating the soil, subterranean water, and wetlands.

Read more about deformed frogs.

Read about natrazine and it's effect on frogs.

Just for meaningful fun.....Send an e.mail to President Obama demanding attention to DEFORMITIES in FROGS.

Please note - The following material may be offensive to some.

Shaping Genes - Ethics, Law and Science of Using New Genetic Technology in Medicene and Agriculture - By Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D. - Read Dr. Macer's chapter on Selective Human Breeding. Also visit The Human Genome Project and The Institute for Genomic Research.

Genomic research will prove to be the solution to many common medical conditions. The depth of research in genetics in the next several centuries may very well be our path to a much longer, healthier life.

As lifespans continue to grow, it's interesting to think about middle age as being 120 years old. This is an exercise in using your imagination. What will life be like in the year 3500?...in 12,700?....in 1,226,788?
Is there something wrong with a life free of CANCER, renal failure, coronary, vascular, diabetic related illnesses, and criminal personality traits?

In this stage in the evolution of our society, the mention of "cloning" is alarming to many. Humans are so suspicious of the evil in human nature. They don't seem to think about genius as a positive force. Genetic research is a noble and humanitarian pursuit.

Read Ellen Goodman's article on what can happen with "Genius" sperm banks.

Stem Cell Information Links
Stem Cell Research News
Stem Cell Research Foundation
International Society for Stem Cell Research

Sadly, in many cases, pregnancy can be refered to as a "recreational hazard".
And again...sadly, the brains of most males on Earth are located in their genitalia. Mishaps are frequent.
It is imperitive that personal instincts / choices be disclosed upon first meeting,
NOT when pregnancy occurs.
I think it is acceptable to "abort mission" WITHIN 6-8 weeks gestation.
I personally think 3 months is too far along....but, of course, that depends on the situation/individuals.
There should be a mutual respect for a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT...the right to exercise control over one's own biology.
If the female carries the fetus to term AGAINST her partner's will....it is HER financial responsibility.
The male should finance this EXPENSIVE endeavor out of desire and instinct,
not because he is forced to do so by a court order.

Most humans do NOT have the mental capacity for correct child rearing.
A child deserves 2 loving parents in the same home.
The priveledge of having a baby (our young are truly Earth's MOST precious resource)
is terribly misunderstood and abused on Earth.

Humans make a grave mistake when choosing a partner that is in disagreement.
Having sex is not the sacred institution the legal community thinks it is.
Choice of sexual partners is random, frivolous, chaotic, and lacks this most important insight.

The human instinct to breed baffles me...but, of course, that's just me.

Here's a "Cathy" cartoon dated 3-14-1987.
Cathy - Copyright 1987 - Cathy Guisewite
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What kind of society ? creates the necessity
for websites such as these:
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Child Abuse
...and what does this tell you about "human nature"?

Looking for an assisted living / long term care facility for your Mom and Dad?
The second you walk into a nursing home,
your NOSE will tell you what you need to know!

The presence of the criminal element in society needs attention.

Popularity polls the people of Earth like to call "elections" produce no men/women of Science in our political structure.

Having the academic discipline to get through law or medical school does not mean an individual will be good at their job.

Concerning the passage of time:

Comprehension of the life cycle of sun-like stars is necessary.

We are living in the Cenozoic Era.

Earth is roughly 4.6 billion Yrs. old.

The Timescale in Astronomy goes back roughly 15 billion years to the "Big Bang".

Know your place in The Local Group of galaxies.

Homo Sapiens and predecessors have been present for only about 4 million years. It will probably take another million for the situation to correct itself.

Visit the Union of Concerned Scientists website.

- The Council will issue Science Directives -

GTAC Science Directive #1
for Humans/Parents/Kidlings of all ages:

Mandatory once a year viewing of the IMAX film "Blue Planet".

GTAC Science Directive #2
for Humans/Parents/Kidlings of all ages:

E-Mail your elected officials - they need to get a clue. Modify the job description mentioned below.

A few thoughts on TREES...Think about the individual driving the land clearing device with the job description of clearing the land for real estate development. It is THIS individual who determines what trees and natural features remain. The person who cleared the land in this webauthor's subdivision was a native Californian unfamiliar with Dogwoods (Virginia state tree) and identifying types of trees was apparently not in his job description. Hundreds of Dogwoods and Holly trees along with other forest fauna/flora were destroyed in GTAC's home subdivision alone. The day after the trees were felled, the very sound of forest fauna changed dramatically...strange, unhappy sounds.

The land beneath the actual roads and structures is the ONLY land that needs to be cleared.

IF incorporated into Global Law
the atmosphere of Earth will improve.

Julia Butterfly Hill

my favorite protest photo

GTAC Science Directive #3
for Humans/Parents/Kidlings of all ages:

Read the Endangered Species Act of 1973


GTAC Science Directive #4
for Humans/Parents/Kidlings of all ages:

To encourage concerns about this island Earth:
Read the Chilling Tale of Easter Island

Geo / Astro Time Related Link Compilation
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GTAC: Thank You for Stopping By!


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