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LinkedIn.com Film Treatment Page

A big budget science fiction film project
is at the heart of m51.com.

The goal in writing this story/film treatment
A tale that will inspire the very best in the right screenwriter.
can be any more fun / thrilling for a sci-fi loving, family audience
...a bunch NOT easily impressed.

Can it be created in less than two years with a budget of $160,000,000 USD?
Transformers 4 budget was used as reference point.
I like to think it can be done for much less, but the computer guys are reeeally expensive.
This screams A-Listers...desired, but NOT necessary.
Much of the dialogue is written for CG characters.
Anyone Curious? Interest from China, Japan, Middle East most welcome!

Pique the interest of S. Spielberg, M. Bay, and related companies.
This particular story deserves, and demands the very best.

For a very special group of investors, the m51.com film project
is a private placement opportunity like NO other.

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This page received recognition for being in the top 10% of most viewed pages at Linkedin in 2012.

Statement dated 7.4.2017:
Treatment to be ready for script writing within 12 months.

The deal also includes the rights to a most important driver training concept (on DVD).

I'd like to remain onboard as advisory for the sci-fi project, but I know better.
Signing non-disclosure agreement is prerequisite to presentation.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing - Helen Keller

e.Mail comments / inquiries

"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed." - Stanley Kubrick

The indescribable thrill of MX motorcycles on the lunar surface....
When riding an electric motorcycle on the lunar surface, hitting a small bump at 1/6th G...
...will give you air time that is beyond belief.

You'll need a special sighting device to keep track of your golf ball.

I imagine sending two NBA teams to the lunar surface to play..... for the biggest television audience in history.
. ............truly a new definition of "jump shot"............ .

Website not yet in development.....the domain price will certainly reflect that.

eMail Burton for information regarding microgravityvacations.com.

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind."
Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965), Speech at Harvard University, September 6, 1943

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
Alan Kay


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