Favorite Fauna

This was the second sighting in my life of a bear in the wild (4:30am)...I love 'em!
My first sighting was 10 days ago at 3:30am....it's Fraser, CO's famous Bear Dumpster Buffet.
I went down to the parking lot to try to get a better photo.
When I saw him look at me, and how far from the ground those eyes were...I ran back inside.
This is a Black Bear....common here in Colorado at 9000 feet.

Wuzzer the Fox Posing
It's my friend, Wuzzer...winter and summer coat.

1st photo project on Oahu will be entitled "Oahu's Giant Hopping Rats - Kalihi Valley".

More favorites to be added...
Factors for inclusion on this page include:
cuteness, deadliness, creepiness, resemblance to dinosaurs, resemblance to humans.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Gandhi -

My most frequent contact with animals at 5000 ft: goOse, feral cats, dogs, squirrels, and prairie dogs.
Now, living at 9000 ft. ...moOse, goOse, black bear, fox, crow & raven, etc.
...If reading about squirrel, or prairie dog behavior bores yoU, just skip over this next section...

<> Squirrels.org
....now the story of fuzzr the squirrel...assuming fuzzr is female....
... she lives out back here in a big old cottonwood tree.
...a close friend...fuzzr awakens, goes about stretching...
...recognizes me and comes down for raisin bread, or Cracklin' Oat Bran.
Heard a racket one day....incredible high speed chase with another slightly larger squirrel (a male?) in progress...in deadly earnest....
a dead baby at bottom of tree (about 20cm head/tail) ....I saw Mom brooding over baby...
and ran to get camera for a sad, but great, true life adventure photo....
...when I got back, baby and squirrel #2 were gone....fuzzr was back up in the nest.
I don't know if fuzzr took the baby back up into the nest, or squirrel #2 got it.
My questions:
Is fuzzr up there with baby in a very unhealthy pattern of grief related squirrel behavior?
The last time I saw her...I squeaked and she came down to see me...
...but I was all out of anything squirrels like...so I closed the window.
...is she mad at me?.... I haven't seen her for several days now....has she lapsed into squirrel depression?
....aRe there more babies up there?
I haven't seen fuzzr for a week...I envision her with a napsack of squirrel possesssions
slung over her shoulder...dodging kats and crazed male squirrels....
I feel that not having raisin bread that day her little one was killed, threw her into a terminal depression....I'm sad...
I'll write if she shows up again.
4.12.2008: Fuzzzr is back and having raisin bread....all seems well....
I have determined that Fuzzr has one healthy baby....
....Fuzette (M or F?) is staying close to the nest and learning to climb, and is very cute....
5.5.2008: I reeally enjoy watching pre-teenage squirrel antics...
Sometimes Fuzette jumps up&down&around on branches very fast...marvelling at her/his? own ability.
There was almost an inverted aerial!
She(he?) tests how small a branch will hold squirrelbodyweight....

It is this time of year when this old cottonwood tree comes alive and the sprouting leaves
block out my view of the snow capped Colorado high country....
It will be early December before I'll be able to see it again.

<> PrairieDogs.org
I interact with p.Dogs with sound...return every squeak of their "alarm / barking" sound.
...they just sit there for as long as I do...squeaking back and forth....they must like it...
...I have actually squeaked the melody to "Born Free" to prairie dogs for a few minutes...they loved it...
they even stopped their own barking to listen...
...of course, this behavior ceases when someone else appears on the bike trail.

Chipmunks at the top of Douglas Mountain Rd., CO.

Here's a great You Tube video on the majestic pDoggy maneuver, the "JUMP yIP".
This one is entitled "Mine" - You Tube.
Do you think the doggy in the above link is overweight?

An Animal Visitation 2.4.2008 in the Realm of Fuzzr....

I don't have a positive ID on this fellow.
Does someone recognize it? .....the size of a turkey.

Feral katz in Longmont, CO.
L to R, that's Bonehead1, 3 & 4...BH 2 in the distance.
These wild animals are quite elegant...and as goofy as cats get.
Cats tested for goofiness with laser pointer.
I encounter a fox or 2 here & there...love the wild canines.
m51.com pet page

9.18.2012: apologies for all the extinct links.....I'll get to it soOner or later.

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