Just a 30 minute self directed class in your home, and you and your family will have the capability to publish and edit your own WebSite(s)...click this paragraph to go to the tutorial!

If someone in the family has basic Windows skills, you'll be published on the Net in no time!

The Tutorial is on the Web and currently in development.
Please Note: The tutorial still needs a bit of editing
and may be a bit difficult to follow in places
. Send email with suggestions for improvement.
The tutorial will empower you to independently put up a website.
No website design programs...NO other inhabitants of Earth are involved.
[ Well....maybe your ISP (internet service provider) for tech. support... ] It is entirely your sector of the Web...and you have complete control!

You pay for space for a web site (when you buy Internet access)...WHY NOT use it?

All the steps and basics of home website creation in a simple sequence of steps that will turn you, your kids, your parents, and your grandparents into web journalists, webmasters, whatever ya wanna call 'em!


This tutorial includes all the basics that people spend big bucks to learn through expensive courses, college, wherever!

You can print out the sequence of steps and read them over and over again 'til ya get it!

The tutorial is composed of just 2 parts:
Part 1 explains what I call "primitive html" (Hyper Text Markup Language),
and part 2 explains the simple FTP (File Transfer Protocol) process.

One of the first steps is to make sure you can keep the folders and files associated with your website organized on your home system.




You'll have your first website up on the Internet within minutes of reading the tutorial!

Through repetition, you'll be publishing
and editing in no time.

Of course, you'll get a quick history of the Net, and have fun throughout the entire adventure!

...Though the adventure really begins when you realize your new found capability.

Have a look at the first m51.com t-shirt! It's Net Culture sportswear!

Preliminary Technical stuff:

Have the technical support phone number handy for your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

FTP questions, and what questions to ask tech. support, is explained in the tutorial.

All ISP's are different. Find out what your Web Address (URL - uniform resource locator) is from your ISP, so you can telephone or email it to family/friends.

NOTE: You may want your own domain. They are now very cheap ($3-$10/yr. these days!).
I remember when they were over $100.00!
It is your identity on the Internet!

Whenever you buy Internet access from a company, you always get space on their server for your website.

Most ISP's will not bring this to your attention, 'cause most folks do not how to put up their own website.

The tutorial is here on the Web......with the orderly steps of the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) process, and a sample of the "world's simplest website" that I'll use to get you started.
The essential FTP software you need is free / easy to get on the Web!


Of course, a digital camera is a necessity.

The tutorial contains two "how to" movies so you can learn to FTP fast!

eMail for details!

Investing time in this sort of journalism can enhance lives, and help young ones make decisions
about their future in computers, science, marketing,
politics, journalism, or livelihood of choice.

This core body of knowledge on website creation truly is information you can hand down from generation to generation!

Most folks will spend their lives viewing websites, never having the ability to actually put one on the Internet (not to mention having total control over it!).

A family website is a website for the ages!

It's your:

Scrapbook, soapbox, pet showplace, wedding / baby announcement center, sports arena, communications center, character reference...

I could go on and on!

Burton / Marc / Lubitz






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