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To begin with, we don't have an attack force with orbital / space capability.
We are sitting ducks in time and space.

"If I ran the government, I'd establish a Cabinet post for self-esteem."
- Shirley Maclaine -

"Asking politicians to help the environment is like asking pigeons to clean the statue."
- Jay Leno -

"Ignorant citizens elect ignorant leaders, it's as simple as that."

"...I don't vote, because I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain.
I know some people like to twist that around and say,
"If you DON'T vote, you have no right to complain."
but where's the logic in that?"

"Think it through:
If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians,
and they screw things up, then you're responsible for what they've done.
You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have NO right to complain."

- From the book "Napalm and Silly Putty" by George Carlin.

Chief Science Officer

You can contact just about everyone
through these two websites.
Check the drop down fields at the top of each page to find your ELECTED OFFICIALS:

House of Representatives


Help increase SCIENCE VOCABULARY and raise an awareness of the SCIENCES early in life.

Also, it is FUN to annoy elected officials.

Go to
to look up absolutely anything!
It's a great resource
Though this is the "Children's" Congress, it by no means limits participation to only children...though they are the MOST important participants. Any subject of importance to you is valid here, as long as it is worthy of mention to the folks in Washington D.C. Every politician in America is accessible through these links. Project Vote Smart has a good comprehensive list of Everyone in office at all levels.
Hopefully you'll find that once you've sent in your first comment or suggestion, the issues are so numerous that you will be inspired to bombard your City and State legislatures with E-mails! These people HAVE to have someone on staff that reads email....INTERNET E-MAIL is very powerful and important at this level....they cannot go on record as having ignored a single E-MAIL communication from the Net... if you send it...a lifeform in touch with the elected official will read it...have fun:). It is best to start with your local city council; then DON'T HESITATE to fire those E-mails off to the Senate and House Reps! DON'T HESITATE to just say "HoWWWdy" to the President and Vice President! They'd love to hear from you! Get your ideas on paper first and discuss them with family members, teachers, and friends. A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please open dialogue with these other innovative K-12 schools - Introduce yourself!!! There are MILLIONS of kids who would love to talk to you about their Interests, our Political and Judicial system, the Environment, and what will take place during the next Millennium!!! When you hear "plans to reduce pollution" in the media or from a politician, understand that "reducing" will have very little effect on the process which began to escalate long before the Industrial Revolution (turn of the century). Life on Earth is truly resilient, but once a species becomes extinct,
it is gone forever......Read the Endangered Species Act of 1973.
The ONLY way to clean the OCEANS of Earth, is to CEASE dumping pollutants/sewage (treated or otherwise) into Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans.   Think about consumption, and the future role of alternate technology in our society...two of the very most important issues we can address - that is, IF you reason with the Geologic Timescale in mind. The USA is Earth's number one consumer! Just day maybe only a century or two away, wood for building and furniture may be rare and VERY expensive.   think about the presence of inappropriate Aggression and Violence in our species, and what may cause it    Repeat - the ONLY way to clean the atmosphere and eco-systems of our planet is to CEASE the discharge of pollutants into the seas and atmosphere by power of law enforcement. We continue killing Flora and Fauna.  
For your consideration:
When it rains, chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, industrial chemicals) wash into inland lakes and rivers...and of course into the sea.

Hawaii, USA is a microcosm of Earth....the most isolated group of islands on Earth.
...with a MILLION people discharging waste on Oahu.
Hawai'i is in a perfect position to set THE example for Earth. Will it?

Exhaust from Motor Vehicles is a major global factor. Keep an eye on local factories...some of those "smokestacks" only belch out pollutants WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN.

It's my observation that ALL US elections lack one simple, important element:
After the Gore-Bush election in 2000, this is both puzzling and troubling.

World Wide Web Sites with E-mail to important people:

Awareness / Action / Education:


Please understand...the world's SEWAGE - treated or otherwise - goes into the seas....and the volume of this discharge is increasing with the population growth.
You have my permission to E-mail or Snail-Mail a printout of THIS page to your Congressperson. I will constantly be adding and updating the links and information.    DOES EVERY CLASSROOM in YOUR SCHOOL HAVE INTERNET ACCESS??? Why Not?   THINK and REASON with the GEOLOGIC TIMESCALE in MIND!

Visit the Union of Concerned Scientists website.
Acquire a GLOBAL temperament...national or international theatrics by politicians may fool you into thinking something is being done.
To the Geologic Timescale Awareness Council
Understand the Geologic Time concept - the elected officials/politicians are NOT concerned with it...Why don't you tell them about it?! Have you ever heard an elected official even mention Geologic Time? ... Do you think they are concerned with the welfare of your descendants? Local tree re-planting is all well and good, but what about the rest of the world? Trees are falling faster than they are growing...and that is a simple fact. World Population Statistics

Watch how fast the numbers change...
It is OK to tell these officials that you and your school are impatient. Your great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will thank you! Earthling oinkers
Answers to all of these energy problems...?
How likely is this....?

NOT likely in your lifetime.

NO people of science in office
  Donations to local recycling businesses are all well and good... Just how global is this recycling effort we've been hearing about in the last decade? Is it primarily a local business sustained by YOUR donations?  

Thank you for visiting The Children's Congress!


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