Debbie's Dog House - Dog Boarding at Sunset Beach
About Our Scheduling:
Clip and Dip is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, opening at 9am and closing late afternoons when we are done for the day and all pets are picked up, usually between 4pm to 5pm. Always call before coming down as there are holidays and business days that we MAY close due to personal business. The only ala-carte service we offer is toenail cut and grind and we like to do that between 10 am and three pm. Again, call before you come. Normal cost for nails is 14.50 and keep in mind we accept cash or personal check only. No credit, debit or any type of plastic is accepted. There is an ATM located across the street from us at McDonalds.

About Our Pricing:
We offer several basic services and packages.
Most basic is a bath, which includes shampoo. Natural flea shampoos and medicated shampoos are considered Basic. This also includes nail cut and grind, gland express, clean ears, dry and brush. Pricing is based on size of the pet, condition overall (filthy, infested with fleas or not) and to some degree, temperament.

Next step up includes all basic services and is called a "Pet Trim".
This services also includes hair trim of face, head, ears, feet, and butt. Most popular is a full service "Groom" and incudes all services mentioned plus a complete overall haircut. Again, pricing is most affected by size of the pet, type of haircut and condition of the dog. Conditions that increase price include how dirty the animal is, amount of fleas on the pet and type or condition of the fur. Tangling or matting are time consuming to deal with and can cause an increase in price, especially if the customer wants a "longer cut". Generally the shorter we cut the hair the lower the price. Our groomers are experts at analyzing a dogs condition and will make recommendations on services when you bring your pet in. Keep in mind that some cuts are not always possible if a dog has bad skin problems, or tangled hair. We are one of the only shops on the island that will do tic treatments and, as always, please call for pricing.

Prices largely depend on size of the dog and how extensive the problem is. It is very important that you provide details when you make your appointment and tell us in advance of any problems your pet may have, so we can estimate your price accurately. This also helps us estimate the amount of time the pet will take to complete.

Now, with this info we invite you to call, tell us what you have and what you want and we will do our best to estimate your price over the phone. We think you will find our pricing more than fair and competitive.

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