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Welcome to the BusterGoBoy Website!

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Welcome to the BusterGoBoy WebSite!

This page is dedicated to the animal in all of us.

Here in Hawaii, there is a dedicated group of "animals" that consider surfing and off-road motorcycling their prime methods of enjoying our precious land and sea.

We are fortunate enough to live in an area of extreme possibilities in both realms.......

Pancho Biography at Surfline
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"The larger the ocean, the more powerful the wave."

the country
Here's a series of You Tube video tours of BusterlandHawaii...
my camera work here and there:
Oahu 1
Oahu 2
Oahu 3
Oahu 4
Oahu 5

Sponger carnage at Pipeline
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First in a random series of

Did I ever tell you about the time?...

At was late afternoon (evening) and getting dark. I desperately wanted a wave to go in on....conditions were a bit rad with 10 to 15 ft. glassy faces racing down the reef. ....a solid 6-8 ft swell....a wave came thru and I was going no matter what. Gerry Lopez dropped in on me and I kissed my butt goodbye as I watched his butt get tubed in front of me. I got hammered and cannonballed (accepted method for punching thru) my way to the bottom where I was promptly taken over the falls....I felt sand under my feet...and quickly realized where I was... on the bottom of a crevace. I panicked and pushed off the bottom with my feet and legs, only to hit my head on the reef. That meant that I was under the lip of a reef and I should open my eyes and try to figure which way was up. I LIVED, but the MORAL of the story is.....
NeVeR take off behind Lopez.

...and then there was the time....

In 1988 when I decided to race the annual Mauna Kea 200 about a month before the event on Memorial Day Weekend. I prepped and shipped my bike to the time I was a M/C salesperson @ Sandie Brodie`s Cycles in Waipahu (now Pfluegher Honda/Yamaha). The Manager there entered me in a team (3 man) PLUS... They decided not to tell me about I thought it was not unusual for me to be on the same MINUTE as David Klein (a fast Texan) and John Desoto, Hawaiian water man, politician and famous National M/Xstar from the days when M/x was developing. He has won countless off road events and is considered an Icon in off road racing history. I`m so Naive!!! I spent my whole weekend trying to keep up with those guys and it netted us a third place overall A team trophy (Which I have) and bragging rights (for me) of phenomenal proportions...David did great, John won the whole event and I was the proud father of a trophy of trophies...........Thanks Sandie!!

TV / HollywoOd News:

The nations 14th ranked prime time show "Lost" just got re-uped for another season and the North Shore can enjoy another year with the crew on the premises.

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Les, epoxy board, lizardo

Clip and Dip in Wahiawa, Hi.

The infamous Mauna Kea 200 is back...
but as a "hare-n-hound" (point to point) race.

Rumor has it that the jungle section is out and the round the mountain section is goin to be the race.......if so, it`s gonna be a fast track with switchbacks that are amazingly tricky.

Terrain should look like the "moon" varying to rolling slopes...
places to be extra careful would be in the lava fields...
have respect for the "aina"....

My brain says "go" to this race but my body is talking to me also.........

Here's a link to the guy I teamed with in the Mauna Kea 200 way back in 1988 - John Desoto.


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