Debbie's Dog House - Dog Boarding at Sunset Beach
Aloha, and welcome to Clip and Dip All Dog and Cat Grooming!
Located in central Oahu, we have offered quality Pet Grooming and select pet supplies since the mid 80`s.

Owner-groomer Debra Brinkley has 38 years grooming experience, all here in Hawaii, which makes her an authority on pet needs here in the Islands.

Our all breed grooming includes such basics as ear cleaning, gland expressing, nail cutting, flea treatments and ear canal hair removal on certain breeds. Tic treatments are available by specific appointments so please e.Mail or call 808-621-1911 for more info. Hair cuts can be anything from basic summer cuts to breed specific grooming with ``personality cuts`` and ``pet trims`` being a specialty.

We invite you to inquire about our services and hours of operation by calling or E.Mail, or just drop in to visit on your way to Oahu`s fabulous North Shore. We are located just minutes from Mililani, Schofield Barracks Army base, Wheeler Army air Field, and just a twenty minute drive from Pearl Harbor.

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